My name is Rachel.

After graduating from the University of Leeds I  started working as an activity manager in a care home specialising in dementia and palliative care.

The experience gave me a deep insight into life, death and the things that matter. With that in mind I left my job and started travelling the world. I travel by hitchhiking, camping, volunteering and picking up seasonal work with horses. I stay in hostels with the homeless and camp on rainy mountains.

I found growing up really tough due to a mixture of mental health issues and the social pressures that we are affected by in our day to day lives. Through my relationships with friends both old and met on my travels, I have grown in confidence and been able to reflect on my past (and sometimes present) anxieties.

I speak from the heart, about all sorts of things. From  sexual health to depression, a pinch of politics and a splattering of most things in between.