Do you ever think you’re a bit of an unlucky charm? Always arriving at red lights, watching the bus pull away or dropping your iPhone on the way back from getting the screen fixed? Sometimes it seems we’re just darned unlucky, and I thought I could give you a few words of advice.

First, I need to tell you a quick story.

Last week I was flying back from visiting my second family in Malaga. I’d had a great week trekking horses out through the Sierra Nevada mountains, drinking way too much wine at my friend’s bar and scoffing Mexican food down my gob with the girls. It had been brilliant.

After a long day’s journey, my bus creaked up to the airport, so I hopped out and went inside to check-in. Here’s the catch. When I got to the front of the queue I realised I’d left my passport on the bus, which was probably hurtling back to Granada as I frantically patted down my empty pockets.

Shit shit shit shit shit.


I sprinted back towards where the bus had dropped me in a futile hope it would still be there. In my stress I went catapulting off in the wrong direction and ended up in an airport carpark for 20 minutes as I went up and down and up and down and up and down in the lift, my hands shaking as they slammed on the lift buttons. My phone was dead, so I couldn’t call anyone for advice.

What must have been an hour after being dropped I made it back to the bus stop and the bus was unbelievably still there… but it was locked and switched off… JUST MY LUCK. Eventually, after running around like a mad chicken and finding someone who worked for the bus company to track down the drivers number, I managed to get the passport back and sprinted through security to get my flight on the last boarding call… how unlucky!

Now I’m going to tell you the same story.

After the most amazing week with people I love, I got the bus to the airport. I hopped off and went inside. Luckily, my phone had died so rather than going through all of security, I realised my passport was on the bus as soon as I went to get my pass printed.

I was stressed and ran to the car park but luckily a nice member of staff saw I was lost and pointed me in the right direction and wished me luck. A little girl smiled at me reassuringly and it touched me a lot. I was so lucky the bus was still there, it wouldn’t have been if my phone wasn’t dead. What’s more, rather than queuing for a long time at the bus company help desk, a thoughtful lady realised I was stressed and let me skip the queue.

I was so lucky the lady working was helpful and efficient and tracked down the driver straight away, and lucky he was kind and helpful enough to get on his hands and knees and scrabble around for my passport with me.

I was lucky a sweet young man called Waldo noticed my phone was dead as I searched and grabbed a charging port out his bag to save me time getting through security, and that he made me laugh and kept me calm when we went through the bus. I’m lucky he did these things out of kindness not wanting anything from me, and I’m so lucky the airport wasn’t busy, so I made it to the plane quickly.

I’m lucky I speak fluent Spanish, so communication was easy and lucky I know the airport well. I’m also lucky it was the worst thing that happened all week, and that even if I hadn’t found the passport I have enough money to have stayed somewhere safe and never doubted that. How many wonderful people and happy chances;  I was so bloody lucky!

You see, there’s no such thing as good or bad luck; your approach to life is what matters.

Keep your eyes wide open to see the wonderful moments and opportunities that practically fling themselves at you every day, or don’t. It’s up to you but I know I’d rather feel like the universe was on my side than that I’m fighting an uphill battle – it’s all down to how you tell your story.

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