Sometimes I take pills to sleep,
Twisting thinking kept at bay,
Sometimes I hit snooze again,
And I sleep through the night and day.


Sometimes I am strong and proud,
Stand in blizzards open-eyed,
Scream the storm to gentle clouds,
The sky can fall and I don’t mind.


But a playful autumn wind,
Could tear my roots from the ground,
I am cruel and I am kind,
My mind’s a bloody battleground.


I’m a wreckless hearted girl,
I’ve hurt people that I love,
I am so sorry for that,
But sometimes I don’t give a fuck.


I am generosity,
I am selfish as can be,
I’m strength and I am feeble,
I am doubt and I’m carefree.


I am a flood of feeling,
And I am a drought as well,
That turns it’s face from rainfall.
Indifference lies inside my cells.


I don’t understand at all.
I am not a set out form.
I am a wavering force,
Oh I can rise but then I fall.

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