The support and encouragement I received following my first blog post about how mental health has affected me has been uplifting.

People I barely know have emailed me, thanking me for being honest and open. I realised that addressing taboos head on can be very helpful and reassuring to those going through a rough patch.

This won’t be a travel blog.

Who wants to sit and read about my holidays anyway?! A pretty narcissistic and self involved idea that looking at my holiday pics is going to appeal to the masses.  I’m going to keep writing posts which face taboo subjects head on. Is my vagina normal? Do I need to lose weight? Should I be shaving down there? Infidelity, depression, uncertainty. In a world where we are continually oppressed by social norms, I’d like to shine some light on the pressures that surround us.

If even one person finds some empowerment and reassurance in my words, I’ll have succeeded.



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